Welcome to AK ATHLETE

Welcome to AK ATHLETE

We are excited to announce that AK ATHLETE is here!


When: Starting September 11, 2017

Why: Our vision is to provide the best holistic programming in the state. We saw a problem: training alone, following a “cycle” that no one else was on, programming that was haphazard and lacked clarity and purpose.  No longer do you have to wake up in the morning trying to figure out what you need to do the get ready for that next race, we have your back. We use the foundational principles and proven methods in sports performance to ensure increased capacity, maximum results and longevity in your sport. Stop buying program packs and start training!

What and How: Our current cycle is a multi-sport endurance program but also perfect for those training for general endurance. We will be getting a group of Alaskans ready for the LavaMan Olympic Distance Triathlon (March 25th) and Gold Nugget Sprint Triathlon (3rd week of May). Right now the plan is to release the programming weekly, starting September 11th. Jump in, the water’s fine. Don’t wait for the “right time” – the time is NOW!


AK ATHLETE RADIO seeks to explore and share the far reaches of Alaskan athletics. Our aim is to empower athletes and coaches by providing a platform to share the stories of athletes, methods of coaches, and seek out wisdom in the world of athletics.  The initial vision is to two fold. Become a platform by which alaskan athletes and coaches can share their sport with others, and provide resources by which athletes, both novice and expert, can increase their potential.

Check out our podcast HERE or on iTunes (first episode 7th September) – search AK ATHLETE RADIO