September 12, 2017

September 12, 2017

Welcome to the first supplementary day! We hope you are feeling fresh after a Run yesterday. Checkout the workouts below. Confused? Scroll all the way down for some helpful tips and a schedule refresh.


300 Easy
Skills and Drills:
4-6 sets of 50m (25m finger tip drag, 25m closed fist)
5-10x25m builds (50% to 75%), rest 10 seconds
1 set of 100 – 400m at steady pace (goal is to target  5-10 minutes of consistent swimming)
5-10 sets of 25m builds, rest 10 seconds
1 set of 100 – 400m at steady pace (5-10min target)
200m easy


15 minute warmup routine
10-25 minutes with 0:30second pickups every 5th minute
Cooldown: 10 min easy spin, roll out quads for 2 minutes each leg

Target zone 2 (just above easy conversation) for the ride, but the last 30 seconds of each 5th minute give us a 30 second sprint =) Maintain cadence of 85-90 rpm for workout. Zone 5 intervals are working on adding power and should be done at a high intensity

  • We will post the schedule below for your reference, but remember the supplemental days are for you to pick what works for your schedule.
  • We highly recommend at minimum two supplemental workouts per week.
  • Feeling extra beat up? Rest is an important part of training, be encouraged by taking a day off – work some mobility and kick butt the next day.
  • Not sure which supplemental workout to pick? Try to work what you seem to have issues with, or an element you feel has been ignored in your training.
  • If you are new and feeling like these extra workouts are too much, don’t worry this is a great time of year to work skills and drills. Spend some time practicing your stroke, stride, transitions, breathing, mobility, etc. Or decompress with a long walk =)
Monday Anchor Run
Tuesday Supplement Swim or Bike
Wednesday Anchor Strength
Thursday Rest/Mobility Rest/Mobility
Friday Supplement Run or Swim
Saturday Anchor Bike
Sunday Supplement Swim and/or strength