September 13, 2017

September 13, 2017

Welcome to the first strength day! You should be able to get in and out of the gym in an hour, stay moving and prioritized quality movement over intensity. Check out our programming post to see more about what our strength goals are this cycle. Developing functional strength and power is our focus.


5 min row, jog. or 3 rounds: 5 pushups, 10 air squats, 15 jumping jacks

Notes: Start to get some blood flow going and heart rate increased. nice and easy, controlled movements.


4 rounds: 30 single leg glute bridge rest 15 seconds, 10 pillar to plank press ups, rest 1 minute

Notes: Lets move through this with the intention of stoking that fire. Perform 15 glute bridges with right leg, 15 with left leg, rest 15 seconds, perform 10 pillar to plank press up, rest one minute. repeat for 4 total sets. Focus on a good glute contraction (1 second hold at top of bridge), roll over immediately into p2p press ups. do not let hips sag on p2p pressups.


3 sets. 20 dumbell box stepups (10r/10L) rest 90 seconds

Hold a dumbell in each hand. focus on keeping your shin as vertical as possible. box or bench should be between 15-20 inches tall. Increase weight across sets


5 rounds for quality: 15 goblet squat, 5 strict pullups rest 1 minute

Notes: Movement quatlity counts here. Hold a light to medium dumbell or kettlebell in the goblet hold position, squat 2 seconds down, 1 second hold in the bottom of a squat, and move back up quick but in control. Keep weight balanced in whole foot, toes forward, do not let your foot collapse or knees to fall inwards. try to maintain a straight back. If your back starts to round early check your ankle and hip mobility and focus on that this week. For pullups, control the down movement for 2 seconds and try to hold the top of the pullup for 1 second – use assistance or do individual if needed. If you cannot perform pullups perform 10 dumbell rows per arm using the same tempo. this should only feel “heavy” on the last round but perfect form should be maintained throughout.


Every 1 minute for 5 minutes: perform 15 superman w/ 1 second hold, then complete the remaining minute in plank


Roll out lower back and glutes

If you are new to the gym the movements will really focus on driving home some fundamentals which will drive success long term. That being said, if you haven’t put in much gym time, or are coming back to the gym after a break, ease into the strength days – keep the weight VERY light and don’t push it too hard, we WANT you to feel good sore afterwards and not super beat up. If you have a couple consistent training years under your belt, feel free to follow as prescribed but in this phase focus on perfect form.