September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017

Supplemental Run or Swim


Warmup: Warmup routine


Option 1:

10-25 minutes with 0:30 second pickups every 5th minute


Option 2:

3-6x 4.5min zone 2, 30 seconds pickup, 1 min walk

Cooldown: 5 min easy, cool down routine

Notes: Target zone 2 (just above easy conversation) for the run, but the last 30 seconds of each 5th minute pick up the pace to what you could only sustain for about 10 minutes.

Focus on returning to your zone 2 pace/intensity after the 30 second pick ups. During the 30 second pick ups maintain good running form. 30 second pick ups at zone 4 intensity



300 Easy

Skills and Drills:

4-6 sets of 50m (25m finger tip drag, 25m closed fist)



5-10x25m builds (50% to 75%), rest 10 seconds

1 set of 100 – 400m at steady pace (goal is to target  5-10 minutes of consistent swimming)

5-10 sets of 25m builds, rest 10 seconds

1 set of 100 – 400m at steady pace (5-10min target)



200m easy