September 17, 2017

September 17, 2017

Supplement Strength and/or Swim

If you can do both, great! But prioritize strength. And of course, if you did the supplemental swim earlier this week, do not repeat today.


Remember – we want you to feel “good sore” afterwards and not super beat up. If you have a couple consistent training years under your belt, feel free to follow as prescribed but maintain perfect form. Lower the weight and just complete the movements if you are getting back into the training groove. 


3 min bike or row or skipping rope

Notes: Start to get some blood flow going and heart rate increased. nice and easy, controlled movements.


3 minutes practicing how to BRACE


3 sets:

60 Seconds  ipsilateral deadbugs

12 good mornings

Notes: good mornings to get our hamstrings and low back firing. Use a light bar or band, feel a good stretch in the bottom.


5 sets:

12 Bulgarian Split squats (12 per leg, w/ dumbells), Rest 60-90 seconds

Notes: Keep the front knee from going past the toes by driving the back knee down. Focus on maintaining a good arch and front shin vertical. Step up the weight if possible trying to get to 2 heavy sets.


3 sets for quality:

10 single leg dumbbell RDL RIGHT SIDE

30-60 seconds side plank RIGHT

10 single leg dumbbell RDL LEFT SIDE

30-60 Seconds side plank LEFT

Notes: light weight for the RDLs, focus on slow and controlled balance and form. Try to make 60 seconds on the side plank. no rest between movements, just keep moving smooth through movements – if form is breaking down take some rest.


Roll out hamstrings



300 Easy

Skills and Drills:

4-6 sets of 50m (25m finger tip drag, 25m closed fist)


5-10x25m builds (50% to 75%), rest 10 seconds

1 set of 100 – 400m at steady pace (goal is to target  5-10 minutes of consistent swimming)

5-10 sets of 25m builds, rest 10 seconds

1 set of 100 – 400m at steady pace (5-10min target)


200m easy