September 22, 2017

September 22, 2017

Supplemental run or bike


Warm up:
15 minutes EASY run/walk followed by dynamic warm up routine
30-40 mins steady running on a course with rolling hills – preferably trails OR 3-6×5 min steady running + 1 minute walk.
Cool down:
5 min EASY run/walk followed by dynamic cool down routine

Notes: Steady conversational pace should be maintained for the duration of the steady effort. Focus on high turnover and a mid to forefoot strike even at these slower paces.



Warmup: 15 minute bike WU routine

Workout: 10-35 minutes at Zone 2

Cooldown: 10 minutes at Zone 1

Notes: Zone 1 is easy spin, Zone 2 should be something that is sustainable for about 2 hours (just at or above conversation level) Maintain gear ratio that can be maintained for warm up through the entire workout. Maintain a cadence between 85-90 rpm. This may be higher than what you are used to but is the ideal cadence to be riding. Over time this will become more comfortable and efficient.