September 26, 2017

September 26, 2017

Supplemental swim or bike



300yds EASY

Skills and Drills:

2-6 sets of 75yds (25 kick/25 drill/25 swim) – Alternate between catch up drill and single arm swim

2-4 sets of 100yds – Alternate between freestyle and choice of stroke every 50yds

Main set:

4-10 sets x 25yds build from slow to fast

1-4 sets x 100yds pull using buoy

4-10 sets x 25yds build from slow to fast


200yds EASY


Total yards: 1150-2250

Notes: When doing the single arm drill, hold your non-pulling arm out in front of you. Give yourself 5-10 seconds rest in between 25s when doing the build sets.


Warmup: 15 minute bike warm up routine

Workout: 15-40 minutes at Zone 2

Cooldown: 10 minutes at Zone 1

Notes: Zone 1 is easy spin, Zone 2 should be something that is sustainable for about 2 hours (just at or above conversation level) Maintain gear ratio that can be maintained for warm up through the entire workout. Maintain a cadence between 85-90 rpm. This may be higher than what you are used to but is the ideal cadence to be riding. Over time this will become more comfortable and efficient.