October 4th, 2017

October 4th, 2017

Lets keep rolling with the solid strength work. Based off of some feedback – we want you guys pushing the weights in this prep phase with perfect form. I’ll give you a marker for what weight you should be using and what it should feel like, but if your form is good and it feels “easy” for the main working sets we probably need to bump up the weight.

Posterior chain focus today

A. Warmup – 10 minuts monostructural work (row, run, bike)

B. 5 rounds:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats

the purpose of this is to start to get the muscles primed and blood flowing. As a reference, if you can not do 10 strict pullups unbroken, sub out the pullups for ring rows or dumbell rows and do approximately 8. If you can not do 20 strict pushups, do 10 pushups from your knees.

C. 4 Sets:
Single leg dumbell deadlift 10 reps right,
rest 20 seconds,
10 reps left,
rest 60 seconds.

MANDATORY 3 second decent for each rep. (actually count: one, one thousand…)_
Move up in weight starting at a weight you could lift 25 times, and ending with a weight that you could only lift 12 times (the last rep should be challenging)

5 sets
5-10 pullups – 1 second hold at top, 3 second decent (make this HARD, add weight if needed)
rest 45 seconds
15 single leg glute bridge (15 each leg, weighted if possible): 2 second hold at top
rest 90 seconds