October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017

Supplementary Strength

Wednesday we torched the backside, so today we are going to polish off our strength work with some quad and core focus.

A: warmup 10 minutes on the bike to get warm, every 20 minutes pick up the pace for 30 seconds then drop it back down to an easy warm up pace.


27 squats

DO NOT for one second lose a good foot arch. keep your big toe and heel planted. this should be your main focus (rather than a full depth squat)


3 sets:
5-10 knees to elbows (strict)
45 seconds samson stretch each side (hold bottom of lunge and reach to sky, before pressing hips forward always squeeze your butt. you want to “own” this position when your muslce are on, we are focusing on active mobility not passive range)

Front squat: 5 sets of 10
60 seconds rest
try to hold the same weight across all sets. this should be a weight you can lift for about 20 reps – the last set will be tough!

3 sets
10 hip extentions (or 20 superman) both with 2 second hold at top.
10 V ups
Rest 45 seconds


3 sets
45 second side plank left
40 mountain climbers (single leg count)
45 seoconds side plank right
10 leg lowers (3 seconds down, head up and pin low back to ground)


Accumulate 3-5 minutes in reverse plank
Focus on straight line, big glute squeeze. No sagging here!