October 9, 2017

October 9, 2017

As we begin week 5, we enter the first week of our Prep 2 phase. At this point our athletes should have 4 solid weeks of foundation building work behind them. Going forward our workouts will become slightly more complex as we become more familiar with the different low intensity zones/paces and cadences. This is still part of the Prep phase and will be predominantly low intensity with some faster but short intervals thrown in to prepare the body for higher intensity workouts in the following Base phase


Warm up:
15 minutes EASY run/walk followed by dynamic warm up routine


5 x hill strides – Find a hill approx. 20 yards and run the hills at the following intensity/speed. 1-easy 2-medium 3-medium hard 4-easy 5-medium

45 min broken up into 3×10 mins @ lower Zone 2, 5 mins at upper Zone 2 with last 30 seconds at slightly faster pace OR 4-6×5 min lower Zone 2 run + 2 mins in upper Zone 2 + 1 minute walk

Cool down:
5 min EASY run/walk followed by dynamic cool down routine

Notes: Zone 2 is our aerobic zone – one in which we can comfortably run for a long time. Do not be tempted to do these at faster speeds than intended. Only the final 30 seconds of the 15 minute interval should be at a pace that you are unable to carry a conversation. Those that are doing the run/walk intervals will notice slightly longer run intervals going into weeks 4 and 5. The short hill strides at the beginning of our workouts will work of building running strength and power.


Monday Anchor Run
Tuesday Supplement Swim or Bike
Wednesday Anchor Strength
Thursday Rest/Mobility Rest/Mobility
Friday Supplement Strength
Saturday Anchor Bike
Sunday Supplement Swim and/or strength


Are you actually doing mobility? Don’t let cumulative training build you up into a big ball of junk. Spend at least 10 minutes a day on mobility. This shouldnt be too hard and is a great cooldown.

Try to hit at least 4 minutes of THIS at least 5 days this week.

With your dedicated mobility time focus on AnklesHips, and Low back