October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017

Supplemental swim or bike



200 EASY freestyle

Skills and Drills:

2-4 sets of 100yds (50 kick/50 swim)

4-6 sets of 50yds (25 drill/25 swim). Alternate between catch up drill and closed fist swim drill.

4-8 sets of 25yds building speed from slow to fast per 25yds.

Main set (speed pyramid):

2 x 25yds fast

2-4 sets x 50yds moderate pace

2-4 sets x 75yds moderate pace

2-4 sets x 100yds threshold pace

2-4 sets x 75yds moderate pace

2-4 sets x 50yds moderate pace

2 x 25yds fast


200yds EASY


Total yards: 1700-2800

Notes: give yourself between 5-10 seconds rest between each set and at least 15 seconds rest between each increase in distance.


Warmup: 15 minute bike warm up routine

Workout: 30-45 minutes of work. We will be working with cadence and introducing a couple of power intervals.

2-3 sets of 15 minutes (4 min @ Zone 2 spinning at a high cadence between 90-95 rpm. 1 min @ Zone 3 between 70-80 rpm. 15 seconds @ Zone 5 – power interval high gear/low cadence/out of saddle, 3 min @ Zone 1 easy, 15 seconds @ Zone 5 – power interval in high gear, 3 mins @ Zone 1 easy, remaining time in Zone 2).

Cooldown: 10 minutes @ Zone 1

Notes: As you transition from Zone 2 to Zone 3, bump up the gearing to get into that lower cadence range. Remember, Zone 3 is not an all out sprint but a pace/intensity that you should be able to hold for one hour at race effort.