October 13, 2017 – Strength

October 13, 2017 – Strength

Strength Day 2! This one should get you in and out of they gym really quick – but its an effective combo.

5 minutes row

5 rounds
10 scap pushups
30 second hollow hold

5 sets 10 dumbell bench press
Rest 90 seconds
I want 2 seconds on the negative, warm up with a couple sets of 5 at lighter weight. All 10 sets at a weight you could move 15-20 times if you had to. Some of you may be asking WHY BENCHPRESS???…. trust the program. Email me if you need more answers

5 sets
20 reps dumbell death march
Rest 2 minutes
Use a weight that is challenging, but keep good form – feel the burn!

10 sets
10 second hollow hold
5 straddle V ups
10 second hollow hold
Rest 60 seconds