October 14, 2017

October 14, 2017

Bike (trainer or outside ride)

Warmup: 15 minute bike WU routine

Workout: 27-45 mins of work. We will be playing with cadence and low intensity zones to get you familiar with different intensities, zones and cadences.

3-5 rounds of:

5 mins @ zone 1 spinning at high cadence 90-95 rpm

3 mins @ zone 2 between 80-90 rpm

1 minute at zone 3 between 70-80 rpm).

Cool down: 10 minutes at Zone 1

Notes: The intervals for this workout should not be taxing. If you are on your own bike rather than a spin bike, use your small chain ring for the first 5 minutes of work and transition to your big chain ring for the 3 minutes and 1 minute intervals. Stay seated for the entirety of the workout. Remember, Zone 3 is your lactate threshold zone and thus should not be treated as a power interval. This is a pace/intensity that you can hold for an hour at race pace. We want to remain in the aerobic zone for the entire workout while becoming familiar with our gear ratios and cadence.