October 18, 2017 – Strength

October 18, 2017 – Strength

Welcome back strong athletes. Way to attack last week. If you read our programming¬†article you’ll remember that we have 8 weeks in this strength phase. The primary focus is “anatomical adaptation” and getting our motor units ready to fire in the base phase. I know some of the movements are different and some may be difficult – that is OK! Right now we are teaching our bodies and learning new movements so we can hammer it out in the Base Phases.

Today we have some focused work on our shoulders to keep them in top shape for swimming.

A: Warmup
Row 5-10 minutes (sub bike if needed)




4 Sets:
10 Reps Trap 3 Raise
Rest 30 seconds
10 reps Pillar to Plank Pressup
rest 60 seconds

for trap 3 raise – pause 1 second at top and two second lower. Last set make challenging but keep the tempo.

4 sets
3 wall walks
30 russian twists (dont be afraid to add weight, right left right = 1 rep)
rest 60 seconds

If you cannot perform wall walks sub 10 pushups with a 2 second negative, 2 second hover and 2 second hold at the top.

10 min Goblet squat
Pick a weight you could squat for 40 reps
Set a clock for 10 minutes
Perform 20 squats quickly with good form. Rest 30 seconds, 20 squats, rest 30s, 20 squats…and so on until 10 minutes is up.