October 22, 2017 – strength/bike

October 22, 2017 – strength/bike

Supplemental Strength/Bike


A: Warmup – monostructural 10 minues (swith at 5 minutes. i.e. row 5, run 5)


20 Mountain Climbers
10 goodmornings with barbell or pvc pipe – get a stretch, use a dumbell if no bar is a available.
30 second samson stretch per side

4 sets
Dumbell walking lunge 20 reps
rest 60-90 seconds

All sets same weight, warm up with a few sets of 5-10 steps at lighter weight. the weight you pick should be challenging for all reps but do not let your chest fall forward or knees buckle in. if the weight is heavy enough, youll need the rest…

4 rounds
15 Kettle bell swings
rest 30 seconds
10 bent over single arm rows
rest 60 seconds

5 sets
20 yards each way Farmers + Overhead Carry
10 standing tea pot each way (heavy, slow)

Most of you wont have a farmers handle, thats ok. Pick dumbells or kettlebells for this. use a heavy weight for your lower hand and a weight you can keep perfectly locked out overhead for your upper hand. good luck!


Warmup: 15 minute bike warm up routine

Workout: 27-45 minutes of work. Similar to last week’s bike workout with slightly more work in Zone 2,we will once again be playing with cadence and low intensity zones to get you familiar with different intensities, zones and cadences.

3-5 sets of (3 mins @ zone 1 spinning at high cadence 90-95 rpm, 5 mins @ zone 2 between 80-90 rpm, 1 minute at zone 3 between 70-80 rpm)

Cooldown: 10 minutes @ Zone 1

Notes: As you transition from Zone 2 to Zone 3, bump up the gearing to get into that lower cadence range. Remember, Zone 3 is not an all out sprint but a pace/intensity that you should be able to hold for one hour at race effort.