October 27, 2017 – Bike

October 27, 2017 – Bike

Bike (trainer or outside)

Warmup: 15 minute bike WU routine

Drills: 5×30 second single leg spinning (each leg).

Workout: 20-35 mins of work. Spin-ups. Slowly spin-up to maximum rpm over 30 seconds (this should be at a low enough gear that you can go 120+ RPM), (4:30 minute recoveries in aerobic Zone 2). Repeat 4-7 times. 10 minutes easy Zone 1 cool down


Cool down: 10 minutes at Zone 1

Notes:The goal here is to become more familiar with pedaling at different cadences and improving pedal mechanics. As we practice spinning at higher cadences keep your hips smooth with no rocking. Gearing should be light with low pedal resistance.