November 12, 2017 – Strength/Bike

November 12, 2017 – Strength/Bike

Supplementary Strength Day! Time to work on getting us strong and working on weaknesses. Only do this workout once this week!

Warmup 5-10 minutes row, jog, spin

3 rounds steady but easy
15 Kettlebell swings (remember not to bend your knees too much – hinge, don’t squat!)
10 V ups or tuck ups (should be fluid, not hard)
3-5 clapping pushups (go from knees if needed)

3 sets
Straight leg deadlift x 12 reps (2 second negative)
Rest 60 seconds
Ring row x 12 reps (1second hold at top, 2 second negative)
Rest 2 min

Only go as as heavy and as low as form and flexibility allow for deadlift – back MUST be straight the entire time (kneese just slightly unlocked). Make the ring rows difficult but maintain tempo overall. If you don’t have rings or TRX, then use a barbell set at hip height. Sub strict Pullups of none of that is available.

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
30 seconds max reverse lunges.
Perform reverse lunges with dumbbells, Dont be afraid to go heavy, but keep that front shin vertical and drive that back knee down. No slumping over – stay tall!

D: 5-10 minutes
Lat mobility, and roll out hamstrings and butt with foam roller

Supplemental bike

Warm up:

15 minute WU routine.


5×30 second single leg spinning (each leg). 

Main set:

20-35 mins of work. Spin-ups. Slowly spin-up to maximum rpm over 30 seconds (this should be at a low enough gear that you can go 120+ RPM), (4:30 minute recoveries in aerobic Zone 2). Repeat 4-7 times.

Cool down:

10 minutes easy Zone 1 cool down