November 22, 2017 – Strength

November 22, 2017 – Strength

Let’s get strong today folks – and re-feed on a big thanksgiving feast tomorrow. Since we are in the base cycle we will start seeing more squats to get that leg strength up.

Standard monostructural activity

2 min (max foam roll)

3 rounds
20 jumping jacks
20 reverse lunges (total)
10 hollow tucks (5 each leg – about 5 seconds per leg)

5 Sets
Backsquat – 10 reps – use same weight as last weeks 1-1/4 squats, but pause for 2 seconds in the bottom of the squat
rest 60 seconds
Z- press x 10 reps
rest 90 seconds

The squats should be speedy even through the last rep (but too light) lets focus on form and power! Pick a weight that if we were doing 15 reps, it would really be tough! Focus on a strong back and maintaining that arch during that hold in the bottom. Explode to reach the top.

Vertical press this week will be z – press. If you struggle with hamstring flexibility you can sit on a couple plates, or a short box if needed. We want all the sets to be completed without failure, but it should be tough.

3 sets
20 reverse snow angels
10 pillar to plank press up
rest 60 seconds