November 24, 2017 – Swim

November 24, 2017 – Swim



2 x (100 swim, 50 pull, 100 swim, 50 pull)

Skills and Drills:

16×25: 4x(kick/drill/build from slow to fast/fast by 25). Drill: catch up drill or fist drill


Main set:

2-4 x 50 yds moderate pace. 5-10 seconds rest between 50s

3 x 100 yds moderate pace. 10 seconds rest between 100s

4 x 150 yds fast, but not sprint. You should be able to repeat the 150s with 10-15 seconds rest.


Advanced swimmers:

6×100 – Give yourself 10 seconds rest between 100s


2x(4×25 FAST on the minute – give yourself a lot of rest but be sure to do these FAST)

Cool down:

200 EASY

Total yards: 2400-3100

Notes: give yourself between 10-15 seconds rest between each set and at least 15-20 seconds rest between each interval. The exact paces you do each interval is not critical at this point. We want to emphasize swimming at different paces/intensities and avoiding swimming at the same pace for the entire workout.