November 25, 2017 – Strength/Run

November 25, 2017 – Strength/Run


We had an awesome strength day at REDOX last week but we switched up the workout. We are going to do some similar movements to make sure we dont miss the good stuff. If you already did this workout, dont worry – we can repeat and add some weight.

Set a timer for 10 minute and hop on a rower or bike. Every two minutes step off and perform 15 situps or v-ups

3 sets
10 single leg deadlift 3 second negative – very little to no weight
60 seconds ipsilateral deadbug
10 Scap pullups

Every minute on the minute x 12 minutes
Deadlift x 3 reps
Let feel dictate load, the weight should feel challenging but always move quickly with perfect form. Add weight if its too light to start – add 10lbs if you did this last week.

3 rounds
15 Hard ring rows – MANDATORY 2 second hold at the top (sub rows under a low racked barbell or bentover dumbell rows if no rings or barbells are available)
15 single leg glute bridge hold (2 second hold at top)
20-30 hollow rocks
rest 60 seconds



15 minutes EASY run/walk followed by dynamic warm up routine

Workout: Longer aerobic base run

30-45 min Zone 2 with short pick-ups for the last minute of every 5 minutes. Plan to run along a route with mixed terrain. If running on a treadmill, vary the incline every 10 minutes.

Cool down:
5 min EASY run/walk followed by dynamic cool down routine

Notes: The pick-ups are an opportunity to build in some speed and focus on a quick turnover during the run. These are not all out sprints but should be performed at about your mile pace