November 29, 2017 – Strength

November 29, 2017 – Strength

10 Minutes to get your chilly hot. Bike, Row, Jog.

3 Rounds:
10 Pillar to plank press up
5 cat/cow progression, nice and slow, big deep breaths
27 Squats
2 min stretching calf and achilles

3-5 Sets
5 Backsquats immediately followed by 5 tall box jumps (step down)
Rest 2 min.

The goal of this workout is to drive some post potentiation activation. The weight should be about 70-80% perceived effort (think a weight you could do for 8-10 reps)…so heavy but not crushing. Each rep should move confidently. Be safe with the box jumps. Step down after each one. If no box available. Perform 5 max effort vertical leaps with 3-5 seconds between each one.

B: 3 sets:
20 banded hamstring curls – 1 second hold, 2 second negative, explosive curl
rest 60 seconds
(band is preferred, if no band a yoga ball or machine is ok. get creative if needed. preferable that these are laying down, but you can do them seated if needed. If you do not have a band, machine or ball, do light good mornings or straight leg deadlifts – ephasis on light)