December 3, 2017 – Core/Bike

December 3, 2017 – Core/Bike

Supplemental Core

If you did not do the strength workout, go back to yesterday and get that done! If you did but you want a bit more core today then complete the following for your very own AK Athlete 6 pack.


5 rounds:
20 Hollow rocks
Rest 20 seconds
5-8 Jefferson Curls (light – I like using a barbell, but lighter dumbells are ok. repeat- do not go heavy!) @5151
rest 60 seconds

4 rounds
8 reps each arm Glute Bridge Single arm DB Press @2111
10 ipsilateral deadbugs each side @3231
Rest 60 seconds

3 Rounds
10 teapot each side @3151
30-45 second sorrenson or superman hold
Rest 60 seconds

2 Rounds
20-30 hip extentions (unbroken)
1 min hollow hold
rest as needed

1 round
100 ab mat situps (no hand throw if possible)

Supplemental Bike

Warmup: 15 minute bike warm up routine

5×30 seconds single leg spinning (each leg)

Main set: 30-45 minutes of work.

We will be playing with cadence and including a couple power intervals. 3-4 rounds of 10 minutes (2 mins @ Zone 2 spinning at cadence 90-95 rpm, 5 minute at Zone 3 between 70-80 rpm, 15 seconds @ Zone 5 – power interval in high gear/low cadence/out of saddle, 1 mins @ Zone 1 easy, 15 seconds @ Zone 5 – power interval in high gear/out of saddle, remaining time @ Zone 1 easy)

Cooldown: 10 minutes @ Zone 1

Notes: In Zone 2 you should notice your breathing and it should be moderately deep but steady and you should still be able to talk but not in long winded sentences. You should be able to sustain this sort of pacing for long periods if you have the open roads or long climbs so it’s not so hard that you’re getting exhausted but you’re still riding quickly at your own best ‘fast fun pace’. When riding in Zone 1 you should hardly notice your breathing at all.