December 4, 2017 – Run

December 4, 2017 – Run


This week we dial down the volume as we transition into a recovery week. We will keep the intensity the same as previous weeks with a decrease in total volume.

Warm up:
15 minutes EASY run/walk followed by dynamic warm up routine


10 minutes of strides (5 strides). Aim for about 30 seconds of build from slow to fast followed by 1:30 minutes at an easy pace. Repeat 4 times.

Short 2 minute break.

30 min Zone 2 pushing harder on any climbs.

Cool down:
5 min EASY run/walk followed by dynamic cool down routine


Schedule for the week

Monday Anchor Run
Tuesday Supplement Swim or Bike
Wednesday Anchor Strength
Thursday Mobility Mobility
Friday Supplement Run
Saturday Anchor Swim/Strength
Sunday Supplement Bike/Strength