December 6, 2017 – Strength

December 6, 2017 – Strength

Deload week! Well done on the strength workouts the past 3 weeks. We built up volume on squats and deadlifts. Similar to our other workouts we are going to decrease volume a little bit this week. The best way to decrease the volume lifting is to lower the weight and reps. We want things to feel snappy this week so if you are loading up the bar too much and grinding – Take some weight off!

10 Minutes to get your chilly hot – users choice – row, run, jog, bike etc..

3 rounds easy pace:
20 jumping jacks
10 air squats – last three jumping
5 clapping pushups

6 rounds
Backsquat x 2-3 reps (lower the weight slow and in control, explode up. use a weight you could do for 12-15 reps)
rest 60 seconds
20 hollow rocks
rest 60 seconds

5 rounds:
3-5 power cleans
rest 60-90 seconds

JUMP that weight up to your shoulders. Keep to a weight you can either cycle these unbroken or no longer than a second or two pause between reps.

glutes and core!
3 rounds:
From Plank – 20 reps each way: lift right leg up high, hover right leg and move leg out and back (think snow angel with leg), lift left up high, hover left leg and move leg out and back
rest as needed
with light band around knees
20 clamshells left
20 clamshells right
20 glute bridges with band (drive knees out, hold for 2 seconds at top)