December 9, 2017 – Strength/Swim

December 9, 2017 – Strength/Swim

Meet up at West high at 10am for group swim

Last day of Base 1 AK ATHLETES. Today is a shorter day to allow you to swim as well. As this week is lower volume we want to keep things snappy and feel good (not beat up) when we leave the gym.

10 minutes to get your chilly hot! users choice on run bike row or skierg

10 ring rows (easy)
10 pillar to plank pushup
10 single leg glute bridge each leg

3 sets
10 Filly press w/ Dumbells (10 each arm) feel free to do this seated on a bench or on the floor like a z-press (we’ve done z-presses a couple times)
rest 60 seconds
20 steps (total) kb deadwalk(march) feel free to use dumbells but you may not get them to the ground. Keep the weight on the lighter side and get a good strength
Rest 60 seconds

3 sets
1-minute Dumbbell suitcase carry Left
20-30 Hollow rocks (or 40-60 second hollow hold)
1-minute Dumbell Suitcase carry right

Make the carries challenging, tuck your knees if you are not transitioning smoothly from your butt to your back

Swim: Slightly shorter swim during this recovery week.

Warm up:

2x(100 swim, 50 pull, 100 swim, 50 pull)

Drills: 16×25 (4x kick/drill/build/fast by 25 yds). 

Main set: 10 seconds rest between intervals. Maintain 500 yds race pace for all sets.

2-3 x 50 yds

2-3 x 100 yds

2-3 x 200 yds

2-3 x 100 yds

2-3 x 50 yds

2x (4 x 25 yds FAST! On the minute – give yourself a lot of rest but be sure to do these FAST!)

200 yds cool down

Total yards: 2400-2900