December 20, 2017 – Bike

December 20, 2017 – Bike

Anchor Bike

Warmup: 10 minute bike warm up routine

Main set: 32-40 mins minute power intervals

10 minutes in Zone 2 – gear up for these 10 minutes

6-10 minute power intervals: 1 minute hard – Zone 5, 1 minute easy, ten times through. Go hard during the 1 min intervals to continue building cycling power. Spin in high gear but remain in saddle.

10 minutes in Zone 2 – return to same gear ratio as first 10 minutes.

Cooldown: 5 minutes @ Zone 1

Notes: In Zone 2 you should notice your breathing and it should be moderately deep but steady and you should still be able to talk but not in long winded sentences. You should be able to sustain this sort of pacing for long periods if you have the open roads or long climbs so it’s not so hard that you’re getting exhausted but you’re still riding quickly at your own best ‘fast fun pace’. When riding in Zone 1 you should hardly notice your breathing at all. In Zone 5 no conversation is possible and you will be gasping towards the end of each of these efforts.