December 26, 2017 – Strength/Swim

December 26, 2017 – Strength/Swim

Anchor Strength

Merry day after Christmas Strong AK Athletes. Lets use all that Christmas grub to power some gains this week. We are on the third week of this strength cycle and so we are adding weight to our current back squat wave. Jump under that bar and move it FAST.

If you haven’t signed up for the strength programming on the TrainHeroic App shoot an email for the signup code. You will be able to track all your strength numbers on there.

10 min warmup


3 sets:

15 single leg glute bridge

10 pushups

rest 60 seconds



5 sets of 3 power clean @ 70%
if you have not done power cleans go ahead and practice these for 10-15 minutes.

5 sets of 5 backsquat
rest exactly 2 minutes.
add 5-15 lbs from last week

Bullet proof
4 sets, steady pace. No more than 30 seconds rest between exercises.
12 reverse snow angels (slow and controlled)
24 hollow rocks
12 dumbbell floor press
6 pull-ups (3 second negative – add weight if too easy)


Supplemental Swim – Technique focus

Warm up:

200 free EASY

50 kick, 50 pull, 50 kick, 50 pull

200 free EASY


4x (4×25 drill (fist drill, hand drag, glide, heads up freestyle) – see notes for drill descriptions

Main set: mixed 75s!


2-4×75 (25 fast, 50 Easy)

2-4×75 (25 Easy, 25 Fast, 25 Easy)

2-4×75 (50 easy, 25 fast)

100 choice stroke

2-4×75 (50 fast, 25 easy)

2-4×75 (25 easy, 50 fast)

2-4×75 all fast

100 choice stroke Easy

Cool down:

200 EASY

Total yards: 2300-3200


Fist drill РClose your hand into a fist and swim freestyle normally. The drill reinforces the notion that when you are pulling that you should be also using your forearms, and not just your hands! This added emphasis on the surface area of the forearm also pushes you towards a higher elbow recovery.

Hand drag – Swim freestyle normally, but during the recovery phase drag your hand through the water. This drill emphasizes the high elbow recovery.

Glide – Try to cover the length of the pool with as few strokes as possible. Focus on length per stroke rather than rushing through to the next catch.

Heads up freestyle – This drill puts you off-balance, forcing you to kick harder to maintain a somewhat straight body line. It removes any over-glide at the front of your stroke. The removal of the glide also forces you to maintain a continuous rhythm with your stroke, which will encourage a higher elbow recovery.