December 30, 2017 – Strength/Swim

December 30, 2017 – Strength/Swim


Anchor Strength Day!

If you haven’t joined the AK Athlete crew on TrainHeroic make sure you jump in in. Email and join up! Workouts published to your phone app. Tracking strength numbers and more!

The work on train heroic is going to be a bit different today. If you are on the app – perform that workout. If you are here without the app, Let’s close out the year strong with the following:

5-10 min warmup of your choice

5 minute banded walking

Forward, back, side, wide waddle both forward and back


3 rounds:

10 contralateral single leg glute bridge

8 push-ups

6 pull-ups

Today we are going to get some muscular endurance work in, stay moving. Also we are chipping away at building some foundational structural balance.

Set a clock for 30 minutes. Alternated exercises every minute. Today you’ll use lower weight, don’t go full hulk.

10 Dumbbell bench

16 dumbbell stepups (8 right/left)

10 z press

16 single leg deadlift (8 right/left)

16 single arm bent over dumbbell Row, no support from other arm (8 right/left)

20 hollow rocks

Supplemental Swim

Warm up:

200 free EASY

4-6×50 drill 25/swim 25 (drill: alternate catch up drill and close fist)

2-4×50 pull

4-8×25 build slow to fast per 25 yds

Main set: Endurance focused main set. Drill: fist drill. 10-15 sec recovery between 100s. 100s @ 400 race pace.

50 kick

2-3×100 yds

200-300 yds @ sustained distance pace

50 kick

50 drill

2-3×100 yds

200-300 yds @ sustained distance pace

50 kick

50 drill

50 choice stroke

2-3×100 yds

200-300 yds @ sustained distance pace

Cool down:

200 EASY

Total yards: 2300-3200