January 9, 2018 – Strength/Swim

January 9, 2018 – Strength/Swim


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General 10 minute warmup

2 sets 10 reps each, move through with purpose – light and easy
single leg deadlift
pillar to plank pushup
hang clean (barbell or light dumbbells)
shoulder press

4 sets of 3 reps each:
Power clean (heavy)
immediately into
tall box jump
rest 90 seconds

Back squat
work to a heavy but perfect 5 reps over 5-7 sets.
then take 20% off the bar and do one big set of max reps – do not fail though (stop short of failure)

Tabata Pushups
20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest – 8 rounds!



Warm up:

200 EASY free

200 kick/swim – Alternate kick (flutter or dolphin) and swim every 25

200 pull – Use buoy and swim paddles if available. The pull buoys will help build swim specific upper body strength.

1-2 x (4 x 75) swim/drill/swim – Alternate between catch up drill and fist drill

Main set:

4-6 x 50 – 10 seconds recovery between 50s

6-10 x 100 @ endurance pace that gives 15 seconds rest. Finish last 25 of each 100 fast.

4-6 x 50 – 10 seconds recovery between 50s

4 x 25 no breathing. Finish off with some hypoxic training by trying to swim the length of the pool holding your breath. Give yourself enough time to recover between 25s.

Cool down:

200 EASY

Total yards: 2200-3100