January 12, 2018 – Run

January 12, 2018 – Run


During the Build phase we will continue to supplement our threshold/speed work with longer runs to increase our running economy and build our running endurance.

Warmup: Begin with the dynamic warm up routine and use the first 10 minutes of the run to ease into the workout.

Workout: Longer aerobic progression run, 45 min broken up into thirds.

1st 15 mins: give yourself 10 minutes to build into your comfortable Marathon pace (Zone 2)

2nd 15 mins: work your way towards half marathon pace (Low Zone 3) and introduce short 30 second pick-ups for the last 30 seconds of every 5 minutes.

3rd 15 mins: work your way up to your 10k pace for the last 5 minutes of these last 15 minutes (Zone 3). Only spend the last 5 minutes at this race pace.

Cool down: 5 min EASY run/walk followed by dynamic cool down routine