January 20, 2018 – Strength/Swim

January 20, 2018 – Strength/Swim


A: General Warmup
As you warmup cycle through a couple 20 second bouts of higher intensity

I do not program warmup sets, only working sets. So always work up to the prescribed weight and movement with some warmup sets

4 sets
Front Squat x 6 reps (moderate weight- something you could hit 12 reps on)
2 second negative, 1 second in the bottom
rest 60 seconds
Ring Row x 10 reps (pin your chest to the rings for 1 second – make these tough)
rest 60 seconds
10 hollow rocks, 10 tuckups, 10 situps
rest 60 seconds

20 skater jumps followed immediately by 3 consecutive broad jumps for max distance

D: mandatory 20 minutes mobility
Focus on calf and achilles for 10 min – include the shins.
Focus on TFL and Hips for another 10 minutes. If you have knee pain, the TFL and glutes can be pulling on your IT band.

Swim – As we get closer to raceday, we will begin to introduce longer intervals in our swim sets.

Warm up:

200 EASY

Skills and Drills:

2-4 x 50 kick/50 Swim

2-4 x 75 Drill/Drill/Swim (Choice of single arm swim, catch up drill, fist drill,

8 x 25 alternating between build slow to fast and sighting drill every 4-8 strokes. 10 secs recovery.

200 pull using buoy

Main Set:

400 @ endurance pace (first 25 fast then settle into your endurance pace)

2 x 25 Fast. 5 secs recovery

200 @ endurance pace

2 x 25 Fast. 5 secs recovery

Advanced swimmers:

400 @ endurance pace (no wall – first 25 fast then settle into your endurance pace)

2 x 25 Fast. 5 secs recovery

200 @ endurance pace (no wall)


2-4 x 50 – no breath (hypoxic training) for the first 25 immediately followed by 25 fast. Plenty of rest between 50s.

Cool Down:

200 EASY

Total yards: 1950-3100


Notes: With the “no wall” sets, stop before you get to the wall and make your turn. Don’t push off the wall before swimming. Either perform an open turn or a flip turn without the wall. These sets are done to mimic more continuous swims and race situations where you may have to stop in the open water before swimming again.