January 21, 2018 – Bike

January 21, 2018 – Bike

Supplemental Bike

Road or Fatbike: If riding outside the workout is programmed to be slightly longer than the trainer workout due to the natural breaks when riding outside.

75-90 minutes of continuous riding at steady effort (Zone 2). Use first 10 minutes to warm up and get into a comfortable pace. If riding on undulating terrain, avoid pushing too hard on the uphills.


Trainer workout:

Warmup: 10 minute bike warm up routine

Main set: 40-50 minutes of work – Effort/intensity ramp up.We will be varying the cadence and intensity, and perform an interval ramp during the main set. If you are completing 40 minutes do 8 minutes per interval. If you are doing the full 50 minute main set, do 10 minutes per interval. For those of you that are familiar with power, or have completed a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test, I have included power ranges that you should aim to hold for each interval. Calculate the power you should aim to hold based on your own FTP.

First 8-10 mins: Gear up from what you were riding during the warm up but stay in comfortable Zone 2 – spinning at cadence 85-95 RPM. 60% of your FTP (60% of what you can hold at race pace for an hour)

Next 8-10 mins: Gear up once more and move into higher Zone 2 – build the intensity/effort. 80-90 RPM. 65% of your FTP

Next 8-10 mins: Remain in same gear but build the cadence 5 RPM,holding 85-95 RPM. Remain in Zone 2. 70% of your FTP

Next 8-10 mins: Gear up once more and move into Zone 3 – build the intensity/effort. 80-90 RPM. 75% of your FTP

Last 8-10 mins: Remain in your previous gear but increase your intensity slightly and raise your cadence 5 BPM to between 85-95 RPM. 80% of your FTP

Cool down: 5 minutes @ Zone 1. 40% of your FTP

Notes: In Zone 2 you should notice your breathing and it should be moderately deep but steady and you should still be able to talk but not in long winded sentences. You should be able to sustain this sort of pacing for long periods if you have the open roads or long climbs so it’s not so hard that you’re getting exhausted but you’re still riding quickly at your own best ‘fast fun pace’. Both Zone 2 low and Zone 2 high should be comfortable with a little more effort in Zone 2 high.  When riding in Zone 3 you should be working hard and should have trouble holding a conversation.