January 23, 2018 – Strength/Swim

January 23, 2018 – Strength/Swim


A: General Warmup – 10 minutes, pick your poison

B: get that chilly hot, move through this steady and crisp
3 rounds
10 V-ups (or tuck ups)
10 pushups
10 Reverse lunges

C:Back squat
5 sets of 3 at about 70% today. if your legs are beat up from the run yesterday then back off a bit. ease it into the bottom but focus on maximal acceleration as you stand the bar up, be explosive. rest exactly 90 seconds between sets

These should feel fast and explosive, not light and easy, and also not soul crushing

D:Hard work
3 rounds
10 dumbbell stepups (each leg)
1:00 dumbbell farmers carry

rest exactly 60 seconds between sets. moderate weight for the step ups. focus less on how heavy and make sure that knee is tracking the foot perfect and you maintain arch – no collapsing. these should feel like you are bulletproofing movement and not slamming your hammies. HOWEVER… put those light dumbbells down after step ups and immediately I want you to grab a heavy set of dumbbells and walk for 1 minute. make it tough.

E: Here at AK Athlete we like core work. Its not about 6 packs (all the time) its about being functional and powerful!
3 sets
10 strict toes to bar or slow knee raises
15 russian twists heavy (1 is left + right)



Todays workout will get us in the zone for longer distance swimming. We will be swimming two 800s broken up into 100s with a very short recovery. We want to mimic swimming a straight 800 with a very short break. 800 yards is about half the distance we will be swimming during the Lavaman triathlon.

200 Easy
2x(4×25 – alternate kick and drills – sighting and choice drill by 25)

100 Choice stroke

100-200 pull with buoy

Working Sets
4-8×100 @ endurance pace. Keep rest interval to ~ 5 seconds. We want to mimic swimming a straight 800 as much as possible.

50 kick/50 choice

4-8×100 @ endurance pace

4-8x 25 sprint with plenty of rest

Cool down:

200 EASY

Total yards: 1800-2800