January 24, 2018 – Bike

January 24, 2018 – Bike

Anchor Bike 

Let’s once again build on last weeks workout and boost our lactate threshold efficiency on the bike – an important component when racing Olympic distance triathlons 

Warmup: 10 minute bike warm up routine

Main set: 33-51 mins of work

4-6 x 6 minutes at just below your Functional Threshold Power – 95-98% of FTP (or slightly faster than your Olympic triathlon bike pace – Zone 3) followed by 3 minutes easy recovery (Zone 1). The work intervals are not all out sprints and you should not finish the workout feeling exhausted. Try to maintain a cadence between 80-95 RPM.

Cooldown: 10 minutes @ Zone 1

Notes: In Zone 3, or your lactate threshold pace, breathing should be very deep, conversation would be limited to a word or two here and there but breathing is still controllable and not ragged or gasping. This should be about as hard as you can ride and still have controlled deep breathing. When riding in Zone 1 you should hardly notice your breathing at all.