January 31, 2018 – Bike

January 31, 2018 – Bike

Anchor Bike 

During this recovery week we will step away from our Threshold Interval workouts and perform an Aerobic Endurance intensity ramp.  

Warmup: 10 minute bike warm up routine

Main set: 45-60 mins of work. Ramp up in 4 steps. For the last 30 seconds of every 5 minutes get out of the saddle and ride with a bump in intensity.  

First 15 mins: Gear up from your warm up gearing and settle into a cadence that is between 85-95 RPM. Maintain intensity at Zone 2. 60% of FTP.

Second 15 mins: Remain in the same gear ratio unless you feel like you are spinning at the high end of your comfortable cadence. Bump the intensity or Perceived Exertion up a notch while remaining in Zone 2. 70% of FTP.

Third 15 mins: Bump the intensity or Perceived Exertion up another notch but be sure not to wander into Zone 3. 75% of FTP.

(Optional) Fourth 15 mins: For the final 15 minutes bump up the intensity one more time. Gear up again if you are at the high end of your comfortable cadence. 80% of FTP. This is still in the upper Zone 2 range and conversations should still be comfortable.

Cooldown: 10 minutes @ Zone 1

Notes: In Zone 2 you should notice your breathing and it should be moderately deep but steady and you should still be able to talk but not in long winded sentences. You should be able to sustain this sort of pacing for long periods if you have the open roads or long climbs so it’s not so hard that you’re getting exhausted but you’re still riding quickly at your own best ‘fast fun pace’. Both Zone 2 low and Zone 2 high should be comfortable with a little more effort in Zone 2 high.When riding in Zone 1 you should hardly notice your breathing at all.