February 6, 2018 – Strength/Swim

February 6, 2018 – Strength/Swim


Where is time going? we are almost to race day – which means we will be putting in some solid strength maintenance work. Don’t be fooled, this stuff is important – you will need it come race day. It will also keep you healthy all season long. As always, log your work on train heroic! if you don’t have an account, message us!

General warmup x 10 minutes – pick your poison

A: banded walks x 10 minutes – Front, back, side to side, wide waddles front and back, repeat.

We are going to be doing quite a bit of these, and adding some additional movements in the weeks to come. if you don’t have a hip circle or therabands to slap around your knees, grab some on amazon for you $10 – they are going to be a tool that is worth every penny

B. Romanian Deadlift

Every two minutes x 5 reps

Pick a weight that is moderate, something you could hit for 15 reps. warm up to the weight before starting your sets. Ease the weight down for 5 seconds then return it back with some snap – stay controlled and keep that back straight

C: Bulletproof – this is the special sauce that keeps your engine running smooth

3 sets, steady pace. No more than 30 seconds between exercises.

12 reverse snow angels

24 hollow rocks

12 dumbbell floor press

6 pull-ups (slow and controlled)




Swim – Endurance focus

Warm up:

300 EASY freestyle

2-3 x 50 kick/ 50 swim

100-200 pull with buoy

4-8 x 25 – odds hard, evens easy with 10 seconds recovery

Main set: 3-4 X broken 400s:

#1 – 8 X 50 : 2 sets @ mile pace, 4 sets @ 400 yd pace, 2 sets @ fast

50 choice easy

#2 – 4 X 100 All @ 400 yd pace on tight interval (:10-:15 rest)

50 choice easy

#3 – 2 X 200 – neg split each 200 by 50. Each 50 faster than the previous

50 choice easy

#4 – straight 400 @ fast

50 choice easy

Cool down:

200 recovery with pull buoy

Total yards: 2300-3000