February 19, 2018 – Run

February 19, 2018 – Run


Here we go AK Athletes! It’s the final week of high volume before we begin our PEAK phase and finalize our preparations for Lavaman! Week 3 of our Build 2 phase starts today! This week will feature some pretty tough workouts at target race pace so come mentally prepared to work hard and be sure you are well hydrated and fueled!

Warm up:
15 minutes EASY run/walk followed by dynamic warm up routine


2 intervals of 20 minutes at ~10k effort (slightly faster than threshold pace) followed by 5 minutes of active recovery (easy jog or walk). If you have been following our track workouts consistently, do the full 20 minutes. If you have not been consistent, err on on the side of caution and do 2 sets of 15 mins.

Cool down:
5 min EASY run/walk followed by dynamic cool down routine