February 24, 2018 – Strength/Swim

February 24, 2018 – Strength/Swim


Well done making it through a tough build phase. This week is a well deserved reload week. Lets take the strength and mobility work seriously to get us ready for race day.


10 minutes row/bike/jog

5 minutes banded walking – you know these by now. Pick a band tension that allows you to not struggle through this, you should really not “feel the burn” until minute 5 or so. If youre stopping every 20 steps because its tough the tension is a bit high.


3 sets, no rest just steady effort with smooth movement:

Single Arm bench press x6 reps each arm (light to moderate weight)
Hollow rock x 20 reps
Bird dogs, 10 reps each arm and leg


Single leg deadlift 5×8

We hit deadlifts last week to cap off a strong build phase. Now lets use the single leg variant to get some great balance work in. Take off your shoes and use one dumbbell. 8 reps per leg slow and controlled, switching hands every 4 reps.



Set a timer for 10-20 minutes. Then put your phone away. total focus on mobility
Start at your feet and calf, then move to quads, hammies, hips, back, lats and shoulders. Foam roller, lacross ball, barbell, pick your poison


Swim – technique and aerobic endurance focus

Warm up:

300 EASY free. Every fourth length, change up the stroke.

2-4 x 50 kick/50 swim

Skills and drills:

2-4 x 75 – 25 drill, 25 swim, 25 drill.

Main set: 1200-1800 yards

2-3 times through (3×100 on 400 yard pace with 10 seconds rest followed by 300 straight at endurance pace)

During the 300 straight practice sighting twice on the first 25 of every 50. If you are sighting on a clock on the pool deck, make sure you are not just sticking your head out of the water but actually can visualize the numbers.

4-8 x 25 All out Sprints on the minute

Cool down:

200 EASY choice stroke

Total yards: 2150-3200


With the sighting drill, pick out an object on the far side of the pool and try to focus on that as you look up to sight every 4-6 strokes.

Fist drill – Close your hand into a fist and swim freestyle normally. The drill reinforces the notion that when you are pulling that you should be also using your forearms, and not just your hands! This added emphasis on the surface area of the forearm also pushes you towards a higher elbow recovery.

Hand drag – Swim freestyle normally, but during the recovery phase drag your hand through the water. This drill emphasizes the high elbow recovery.

Glide – Try to cover the length of the pool with as few strokes as possible. Focus on length per stroke rather than rushing through to the next catch.

Heads up freestyle – This drill puts you off-balance, forcing you to kick harder to maintain a somewhat straight body line. It removes any over-glide at the front of your stroke. The removal of the glide also forces you to maintain a continuous rhythm with your stroke, which will encourage a higher elbow recovery.