Gold Nugget + AK Athlete

Gold Nugget + AK Athlete


GOLD NUGGET 2018 Training Plan

Race Day: May 20, 2018

Hello from the AK Athlete coaches. We are so excited to have you on board. The first workout will be posted Friday, but don’t worry its just to get the blood moving. We officially start our cycle on Monday!

As always, reach out with any questions you may have. Whether this is your first triathlon or you are a seasoned vet – we can all learn and grow together. Our website, , has a FAQ which you may find some answers to questions from how to scale to how we program. If you cant find the answers your looking for, let us know.

Here is a little bit about what to expect from the programming:

  • we write all the workouts in a way that you can scale the workload, and if you haven’t worked out in a little while (3 weeks to a few months) or haven’t trained for a triathlon, we recommend you cut down on the workload for the first few weeks. If you’re feeling really beat up, you can always back off the work a little bit
  • We strongly believe in consistency being a foundation for success. So as you plan out your days, remember that making choices that allow you to be consistent over the long term will pay dividends. This means pick a work load that is sustainable. Maybe you only do 3 workouts a week, but you complete all of the weeks leading into the race – that is OK and awesome! It also means that if you are feeling a little rough, beat up, or have a tweaky knee for example, its OK to take the day off. It will allow you to get some rest and be consistent long term – instead of ending up injured.
  • We will program 4 workouts per week with a couple optional workouts. These workouts will be posted daily at . All of these workouts can be done on your own, but we will have some group workouts as well. Check out the community calendar on our website for weekly group workouts.
  • Plan to complete the 4 workouts, and if you’re feeling great get in the other two – if you’re not sure then go ahead and just do 4 per week for the first few weeks until you feel you can sustain the workload.
  • We get it, things are busy and life is crazy. Kids and work, family issues and travel. Sometimes we cant avoid those things. A day or two off is ok and wont derail your progress. Don’t try to make up missed days, just jump on board. If you miss a week or more, scale back into the programming nice and easy for a week or 2.
  • We will do our best to write out the descriptions of the workouts as best as possible. We will use terms like “Zone 2” but don’t be afraid – these are simple concepts that we can explain. The bottom line is that its important to train smarter – not just harder. We want to target specific intensities as to maximize our ability to perform on race day. If we just go HARD every day, we wont last. Cherish the steady state days – they may feel slow but they are SO beneficial.
  • There is a group of athletes training for the lavaman on March 28, so the workouts for you and the programming for them may look a little different. We will specify who does what in our blog posts, don’t worry! Some days we will combine the workouts where we can so we can crush it together!

Look out for more updates on the blog and on instagram. We are so excited to see you crush it this year, and to see you grow in strength and community.


Noel and Lee