March 3, 2018 – GNT

March 3, 2018 – GNT

Easy Bike

This weekend is all about shaking off the rust. If you can, get outside and fat bike for 45-90 minutes. If thats not an option, here is the workout:

5 minutes easy spin

In the same easy gear that your warmed up in, lets move the legs quick!
1 min @ 95 RPM
rest 30 seconds
1 min @ 100 RPM
rest 30 seconds
1 min @ 110 RM

Main set:
3-5 sets:
3 minutes at 80 RPM (Zone 2, easy effort, should be able to have full conversations, HR should not exceed 180-age)
2 minutes easy spin (cool down for 5 minutes on your final easy spin)

Today we want to pedal at a steady cadence but dont get your heart rate up too high. Target 80 RPM today. An easy way to do this is watch a clock for 15 seconds while counting each time your right foot makes a full rotation. The number of pedal strokes should be 20

Hop off the trainer and roll out your IT bands, Upper hip, Glutes and Calves – spend 5-10 minutes doing this mobility