March 5, 2018 – GNT

March 5, 2018 – GNT

Welcome to AK Athlete programming for the Gold Nugget! This week will be the predatory period – its purpose is to become acclimated to the volume of work we will be putting in over the next 11 weeks. Check out our intro post if you missed it

We have a really cool iphone and android app to track your training
and have all the workouts + descriptions and video help at your
fingertips. Follow the link and use the code akathlete when you

Today feel free to walk/run as needed. Don’t blow yourself up, take 5-10 minutes when finished to roll out your calfs and achilles.

Start with a 5-10 min walk/jog combo then:
Run Warmup

7-10 min @ EASY
rest/walk 1 min
6-8 min @ Moderate*
rest/walk 2 min
3-5 min @ Medium*
Rest/walk 30 seconds
3-5 min @ EASY

*If you have not run in 2-4 weeks, do all sets at EASY pace!

Walk/cooldown/foam roll out for 10 minutes

Pace definitions
Easy – Slower than Marathon pace (4+ hours)
Moderate – Marathon (3-4 hours)
Medium – Half Marathon (2-3 hours)
Hard/Fast – 10 k (45-1.5 hours)
Very Hard – Mile pace
VV hard – 400m pace