March 6, 2018 – GNT

March 6, 2018 – GNT


To get fast in the water we want to be efficient and smooth. We will take the next few weeks really driving home some skills and drills, as we get closer to race day, our workouts will look more and more like the race. If you are a beginner or struggle in the water – we have all been there. I promise it gets better, keep putting in the time and ask a friend for tips or try to find some lessons.

100-200m Free or Free + mix (back + breaststroke)

With Buoy, repeat 2-4 times:
50 pull
50 thumb to thigh
50 (25 closed fist, 25 normal)
10-20 seconds rest between 50s and 1 minute between sets.

Advanced swimmers: 50 kick/50 swim x 4

Cool down: 100-200m easy