March 13, 2018 – GNT Swim

March 13, 2018 – GNT Swim

How is the pool feeling? Hopefully you can find a friend to swim with or a coach who can help you with your stroke. Small changes can make a huge difference to how swimming feels. A little tweak can lead to a breakthrough. Spend about 10-20 minutes today watching Swim Technique videos on youtube to see if any of that helps. Today take 1 of those techniques you learned and work on it (dont try all of them at the same time)

Today’s swim is Similar to Sunday (if you swam) but with some more pulling work.

100-200 easy, Free/mixed

Main Set
100 Pull working on your catch.

3 x 50m kick, easy rest 20 seconds

1-3×100-200m easy
– focus on long glides and reaching through the water rest 20-30 seconds

100 choice stroke cool down.