March 20, 2018 – LAVAMAN Swim

March 20, 2018 – LAVAMAN Swim

Swim – Taper week swim set today. We’ll keep things relatively short with a few faster bursts thrown in.

Warm up:

300 EASY free. Every fourth length, change up the stroke.

2-4 x 50 (25 drill/25 swim)

200 pull with buoy

2-4 x 25 – Building from slow to fast within each 25

Main Set:

3 x 100 – Take the first 100 faster than the second two. Give yourself 10-15 seconds rest between

400 straight @ endurance pace. Practice sighting during the first 25 of each 100.

10 x 50 all @ endurance pace with 5 seconds recovery between 50s.

2-4 x 25 FAST. Give yourself plenty of time to rest between 25s. At least 40 seconds rest.

Cool down:

200 EASY choice stroke

Total distance: 2100-2300 yards


With the sighting drill, pick out an object on the far side of the pool and try to focus on that as you look up to sight every 4-6 strokes.

Fist drill – Close your hand into a fist and swim freestyle normally. The drill reinforces the notion that when you are pulling that you should be also using your forearms, and not just your hands! This added emphasis on the surface area of the forearm also pushes you towards a higher elbow recovery.

Hand drag – Swim freestyle normally, but during the recovery phase drag your hand through the water. This drill emphasizes the high elbow recovery.

Glide – Try to cover the length of the pool with as few strokes as possible. Focus on length per stroke rather than rushing through to the next catch.

Heads up freestyle – This drill puts you off-balance, forcing you to kick harder to maintain a somewhat straight body line. It removes any over-glide at the front of your stroke. The removal of the glide also forces you to maintain a continuous rhythm with your stroke, which will encourage a higher elbow recovery.