March 23, 2018 – LAVAMAN Taper

March 23, 2018 – LAVAMAN Taper

Taper week / Race prep

AK Athletes, if this is your travel day don’t worry about squeezing in a workout. If you have the time for a 20 minute shake out run after arriving then keep it light. If Thursday was your travel day then get your bike together and fit a swim and a bike in during the day.


20-30 minute swim on the swim course. Try to be observant when you first get out there and look for markers on the shore that you can use for sighting. Become familiar with your wetsuit and swimming in the open ocean. Today’s swim is all about familiarizing yourself with the swim course/location and getting comfortable in your wetsuit.

After a break get on your bike for a test ride


30-40 minutes of easy riding preferably on the course. The primary purpose of the ride to to make sure that everything is working correctly after it has been reassembled. Shift through all the gears and test out your brakes. If something is not working or needs adjustment you still have a day to get the problem resolved.