March 24, 2018 – Strength/Bike

March 24, 2018 – Strength/Bike

Prioritize strength today – only use the bike as an easy recovery spin if needed.



5-10 minute row/bike/jog – get that chilly hot!


3 sets, steady pace:
10x Bird Dogs, each side
10x Plank to pushup (target 30 seconds working time)
12x single leg straight leg deadlift, 6 each side


3 sets:
10x Bulgarian split squat
no rest between legs, rest 90 seconds between sets
increase weight from last week by 5-10 lbs. make it feel heavier but dont let that knee collapse in

bonus: If you have been workout out regularly – Perform 30 strict pullups for time (if you do not have 7 strict pullups, use a band that would allow you to get 7-10 strict pullups )


3 sets, 30 seconds rest between movements:
10x Single Arm DB shoulder Press
15x Leg Lowering
10x V-ups or Tuckups


Extra time in the saddle can pay big dividends on race day. it gives you a little bit more reserve to pull from when you need it most. of course if you are feeling too beat up you can take a rest today.

3-6 sets:
3 minutes Z1 (80-85 RPM)
2 minutes Z2 (70-75 RPM – Harder gear, slower cadence, feel the legs firing but stay in well within zone 2)

  • Zone 3: 1 hour race pace, a few words, but heavy breathing, steady effort but working hard
  • Zone 2: sustainable for several hours, short sentences, but clear talking
  • Zone 1: very little resistance while pedaling, full conversations