March 26, 2018 – GNT Run

March 26, 2018 – GNT Run

Last week of our Prep Phase. We are seeing some great progress so far and we are excited to see what is next. We will then jump into a build cycle before we peak for race day!

Todays run has two goals: 1. finding recovery in your slower pace, feeling confident with your breathing and fitness to know that you can then run the next interval. and 2. undulating between speeds and “learning” your pace.


Warmup 10 minutes then dynamic drills (link here)

Ladder drills – spend about 5 minutes working speed and agility

Something that can really help our running is agility and speed. We will start adding in a little speed work at the end of warmups to help prep us for the run and drive some neural connection to improve our running efficiency!

Tech Run

After the run warmup and dynamic work, perform the following:

4-6 sets:
3 min easy (just below MAF pace)
2 min moderate-medium (just above MAF pace)
1 min very easy/walk

The goal is consistent pace for the easy and moderate intervals. Pick apace for the medium sets and try to hold that pace consitently. If running on a track try to cover the same distance for all of your intervals. there is no rest between sets, but you can choose to brisk walk the final minute of each set if needed.

Pace definitions
Easy – Slower than Marathon pace (4+ hours)
Moderate – Marathon (3-4 hours)
Medium – Half Marathon (2-3 hours)
Hard/Fast – 10 k (45-1.5 hours)
Very Hard – Mile pace
VV hard – 400m pace