April 13, 2018 – Run

April 13, 2018 – Run


Today we have a little explosive work followed by a steady run. Try to stay in lower Zone 2 or high Zone 1 – think marathon or easy pace.

Start with the traditional run warmup, make sure you get in some of the high knees, butt kickers, skips, etc..


5 sets:

5 broad jump
15 quick side shuffles left/15 quick side shuffles right
40 yard stride out (increase speed from 50-80% over the 5 sets)

Walk back to start real slow then start over.

Focus on huge jump on broad jump. Land athletically!

Main run:

10 min easy


5 sets:
3 minutes @ marathon pace
2 minute easy. Take the pace a notch down from the previous 3 minutes
30 seconds @ threshold (this is not super hard, think of your goal race pace here)

Cool down and roll out