April 30, 2018 – GNT Run

April 30, 2018 – GNT Run

Fartlek Intervals Run

Three weeks to race day and we’re bumping the training one more notch!

As we progress through our Build phase our work intervals will be getting longer to prepare for the distance covered during the race. Think about the pace you can hold for the 4 miles of the race as you perform these sets at race pace.

After your run warm up and dynamic stretching routine, perform 5-10 sets of agility drills (ladder or cone drills), then:


4 sets of 50 meters building from slow to sprint over the 50 meters. Jog easy 150 meters before starting your next stride.

Main set:

Repeat this set four times through with 90 seconds recovery between sets. Complete each set without stopping and make your fast intervals faster than your GNT race pace. Easy is a light jog (try to avoid walking):

100 Fast
100 Easy
100 Fast
100 Easy
200 Fast
200 Easy
400 Fast
400 Easy

Cool down, 5 to 10 minutes.

* Focus on form today *
Fast effort should be comfortably hard, and you should not see drop off between sets. This is a pace you could hold for 30 minutes if racing.