May 5, 2018 – Strength/Bike

May 5, 2018 – Strength/Bike

Prioritize strength today if you can, but try to get an easy spin in as well. Since we are in Peak week we are going to cut back a bit of volume for the racers. (i will specify what to skip) If you are not racing GNT feel free to do the whole workout.


5-10 minutes bike/row/easy jog then:

4 Sets – Control, focus, isolation!

From the bottom of a lunge (half kneeling) – 8 dumbell press/.arm
rest 15sec
10 glute bridges + 20 second glute bridge hold (big butt sqeeze!)
rest 15sec
30 sec SidePlank
rest 30sec



4 sets:
Deadlift x 5 reps

Pause for 2 seconds at the knee and lower for 3 seconds. has heavy as perfect form and tempo will allow (these are working sets so warmups with lighter weights dont count)


4 sets:
Bulgarian split squat x 8 reps (2 seconds down, control up)
rest 45 seconds
Chest supported dumbell row x 10 reps (@2112 – 2 seconds down, 1 in bottom, 1 up, 2 second hold at top)
Rest 45 seconds

Extra Credit (racers skip this)

4 rounds, steady effort and smooth movement
40 second wall sit
10 pushups @ 2111
5 tall box jump, step down
20 situps as quickly as possible.
rest 90 seconds


Recovery spin today if you need it – if you can get outside on an easy bike or hike go for it.

10 minute warmup
5 sets of 7 minutes (5 minutes easy, 2 minutes at race pace)
5 minute cooldown

Practice transitions from bike to run shoes, putting on your race bib etc..